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About us

As a German developer and manufacturer of high-performance additives for fuels, for lubricants and special "liquid tools" for professional use/repair stations or the automotive industry, ERC GmbH has an extensive experience background since 1993. With innovative solutions to optimize combustion and fuel consumption, reduce emissions as well as for the conservation of motors, ERC is always setting new trends in the additive market, and is regarded as one of the pioneers for technological development. We are a very flexible company with a long-term experience in additive-business and we are selling successfully several of our products and innovations also to leading mineral oil companies or OEM's all over the world (under ERC or customer private label brand!). We are delivering high quality products, which are very effective (tested and certificated by TÜV-Nord/Germany or other technical organizations).

Products and services

ERC automotive additives - a whole spectrum of different agents:


  • Petrol Power Additive
  • Diesel Power Additive
  • Diesel Flow Improver / Cold Flow
  • DPF Diesel Particulate Filter System Cleaner
  • Cat Clean
  • System Cleaners for Petrol and Diesel engines
  • LPG/CNG- GasLube Additives
  • Ethanol Additives
  • Octane Booster
  • MPULSER Corrosion Protection and Petrol Stabilizer
  • Biker Additives


  • NANO-Engine Oil Power Additive
  • Motor Flush Cleaner
  • ATF Cleaner
  • Stopps Engine Oil Loss
  • Gear Oil Additive
  • Hydraulic Tappets Additive


  • Radiator Seal
  • Radiator Cleaner
  • Throttle Valve Cleaner Spray
ERC additives for after sales/end-users and shop business (overview)

ERC additives for after sales/end-users and shop business (overview)

We realize also private branding and different packages.

ERC Top Professiona Line (overview)

ERC Top Professiona Line (overview)

ERC "Liquid Tools" - our special additive program. Highly concentrated component packages for garages/repair stations and large-scale consumers incl.: Diesel plus 1:1000 multifunctional and strong with cetane-booster and biocide, System Cleaners for Diesel and Petrol, LPG/CNG GasLube Additive, CatClean for Regeneration of DPF diesel particulate filter, DPF Cleaning System etc.etc.

ERC Gas Lube Premium and Special

ERC Gas Lube Premium and Special

Proven valve protection for LPG/CNG powered vehicles:
protects valves and valve seats against wear, cleans injectors and the fuel system. Tested by TÜV-Nord Germany and DEKRA as well as in successful field tests totalling more that 240.000 km ! The Special additives have won the INPRO Award at GasShow in Warsaw multiple times (2012 - 2016).

News & Innovations

ERC MPULSER - Petrol- and Fuel System Protector3-zones corrosion protectioin 

A combination of thoroughly selected components in one multifunctional additive package against corrosion, fuel aging / oxidation and deposits in the whole fuel system FOR SAFE WINTERING AND SEASONAL SHUTDOWN OF ALL VEHICLES, BOOTS, MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT POWERED BY GASOLINE/PETROL. MPulser was...| » Further reading 

ERC CLEAN-UP ATF - Multi-functional ATF flusher / quick cleaner 

A special formulation for professional application for fast cleaning and flushing of automatic gearboxes (AT) and steering gear systems before a fluid change. No vernishing or deposits of sludge, no damage. A clean automatic gearbox system (or power steering system) within 5-15 minutes! | » Further reading 


ERC Additiv GmbH
Baeckerstr. 13
21244 Buchholz i.d.N

Phone: +49 4181 216540
Fax: +49 4181 216599

Veronika Wanot
Sales and Product Manager (authorized representative, ppa.)
Phone: +49 4181 216540

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